The Artist of Light

Nature represents for me movement, fulfilment, mellowness, warmth, harmony, exuberance, a celebration of life, indeed the very joie de vivre. I paint simple objects of nature and strive to portray the luminosity and the stillness of the stopped moment.”

Educated in USA, France and India, Jyoti completed her graduate studies in Romance Languages majoring in French Literature, Culture and Civilization from Boston College, Massachusetts.

Being a keen student of French language, literature and culture, Jyoti taught French for more than twenty years in Chandigarh, Kashmir and Delhi, before she finally took up painting as a full time activity.

Widely travelled in Europe, North America, Africa, South East Asia & the Middle East, Jyoti has keenly observed the richness and diversity of nature, and found in these the inspiration for much of her work.

Jyoti was introduced to the 'art world' by His Excellency K. R. Narayanan, the President of India and the contemporary artist, architect and sculptor of international fame Padma Vibhushan Satish Gujral.

Inspired by the nineteenth and twentieth century impressionists, Jyoti chose the medium of oil painting as an art form and mastered the difficult technique of 'wet on wet' to express her fascination with nature. In this endeavour, Jyoti has brilliantly broken away from the conventional rules and restrictions of traditional oil painting while, at the same time remaining faithful to nature. For her, "A painting, like a poem, is the expression of an idea in a condensed form. It offers a different interpretation to different individuals and is a unique experience for the artist and the viewer alike."

Jyoti, which means light, is truly an 'artist of light'. She infuses her work with brilliance so that the canvas seems to glow from within. Light bounces off her canvas to create different moods. Seen in varying intensity of light, the mood of each painting changes magically from diffused & mysterious twilight to sparkling daylight.


“I need no inspiration other than Nature’s. She has never failed me yet, she mystifies me, bewilders me, sends me into ecstasies” - Mahatma Gandhi
“To me, art, like the beauty of nature, must be universal in its appeal. It must be simple in its presentation and direct in its expression, like the language of Nature” - Mahatma Gandhi

Artist’s Perspective

I have a deep fascination for dense foliage and its changing colours in different seasons, which, to me, are symbolic of the eternal cycle of life. I have watched the joyous tenderness of new life in spring turning into strong and lush fullness of summer, uncaring and abundant in its glory, its gradual maturing into the rich colours of autumn, and its graceful softening into the greyness of winter, having lived life to the full, ultimately making way for the new. In doing so, nature seems to celebrate life in the simple acceptance of the discipline of existence.

I have chosen to title this exhibition of paintings of nature as “Celebration of Life”. It has been a unique experience to give shape to this idea. I have tried to paint simple objects of nature, simple moments of everyday life caught on the canvas.

"My work is an attempt to present the joy of the living environment as I observe and perceive it. It is my sincere effort to share the cheer and joy of nature, and to reach out and spread its fragrance among the viewers ..."

I wish to humbly dedicate this exhibition to “Nature and the Girl Child” both of whom are the sources of all life on our planet and both are threatened.